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  • Product

    CCD Registering Screen Printer (KEY-205TL)

    Product Description

    • Top line cylinder for printing and with the special design for precision move and adjusting mechanism to make the move quite and smoothly.
    • With the DC motor for printing, the timing belt, line cylinder make it stable. You can set up the squeegee depth, rotation angle, slope angle,and with the constant pressure device to show the best of printing.
    • Up / down for frame: we use the integrated frame, up / down of printing frame and with the all kinds of thickness of boards to make it easy to adjustable and fast. 
    • Clamp locking, easy and fast for loading, unloading, and still locking for abnormal stop air or electronic. 
    • The PLC and touch Panel for easy to operation and many kind of parameter setting, and show it. 
    • Provide the safety device, safety return to origin, auto detect error system, safety optical grating, emergency stop switch.