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  • Product

    CCD Registering Screen Printer (KEY-100100IC)

    Product Description

    • CCD registering screen printer adopted with shuttle table, and aligning accuracy within +0.005mm, save more time and provide excellent function and increase production yield. 
    • The structure of equipment is lighter and stronger, and with the top servo motor, more stable, quiet, and fast.
    • The table adopts integrative shaping, and material is cat aluminum,the flatness is +0.07mm, printing membrane is equally.
    • Provide the synchronous lift device with four bars for printing device, to ensure thickness of printing membrance accuracy. 
    • Adopt with servo motor to do peeling function, and collect high precision digital constant pressure printing head, perform effect of constant pressure completely.
    • Operation by touch panel, easy to setting and operate, the memory capacity accept 100 unit production conditions and other function,such as auto examination breakdown and display trouble shooting.
    • The design of auto loading/unloading device for ITO auto assembly,promote capacity and yield rate directly.
    • Connect front/back production by contactless power link to deliver ITO glass, and load into aligning area by forked robot, and achieve all request of auto production adequately. 
    • Provide safety device, such as safety return to origin, auto detect error system, safety optical grating, Emergency switch, alarm light, etc.
    • Optional accessory : antistatic bar, anti-dust cover for optical industry, auto loading/unloading.