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  • Product

    CCD Registering Screen Printer (KEY-66EC)

    Product Description

    • Board adjusted by sucker robot suck inactive area of board and auto-loading on to table by linear guide, then table vacuum (1.0mm vacuum hole) for fixed automatically (force controlled by HMI). and registering with 4 sets CCD camera (registering finished within 1 second).
    • CCD camerahunt the marks and feedback to control system. If locationdeviates, X/Y/Y stepping driver system starts to move table with board to correct location.
    • After printing, sucker robot takesboard to linear guide for moving out from table to auto-unloading section; then printed board move to drier by intersect
    type anti-static roller. 
    • Japan madeservo motor control printer: linear guide / HMI setting speed and stroke of printing and cover ink speed / manual setting squeegee & scarper depth - angle vertical angle work with digital constant pressure device for constant printing pressure.
    • Servo motot+printing & gapping atsame time: Gap height or start delay can be controlled by digital.
    • Digital control screen frame printing seat up/down : space between table
    and screen are digital controlled with Japan made servo motor + chain drive 4shaft up/down synchronized for stable printing precision.
    • 3 sets USA MDRIVE steppingmotor : CCD table X/YIY axial moving
    • 4 sets Japanmake servo motor:table moving left (1 set). Gap up/down (1 set)
    squeegee seat forward / backward (1 set ).table moving right (1 set) 
    • PLC: Connect and control above digital driver and control system. Input/output connection reserved for front/rear section integration.
    • HMI : operate conveniently and various parameter setting detail display.Having 100 sets memory address of operation mode, just touch some switches to easy memory. Back the setting mode that can reduce the installation time.
    • CCD enlarges marks foranalyze and compare. Image resolution up to 0.4um
    and works with X/Y/Y stepping motor driving table to achieve registering precision up to 5um.