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  • Product

    CCD Registering Screen Printer (KEY-33FC/KEY-66FC/KEY-100170FC)

    Product Description

    • The aligning accuracy within +0.01mm, to provide excellent function and improve production yield rate.
    • The structures ofmachine is lighter and stronger, and with the top servo motor and drive motor, more stable, quiet, and fast.
    • The integrated table madeby aluminum, the flatness within +0.05mm,and the printing evenness is excellent.
    • Provide four post locking system onprinting device, to ensure thickness of printing membrane accuracy.
    • The servo motor for peeling function and high precision digital constant pressure printing head, to showing constant pressure effect completely.
    • Operation bytouch panel, easy to set up(setting) and operate, the memory of HMI save 100 unit conditions of production, and provide other function, such as auto exanimate breakdown and display trouble shooting. 
    • The auto loading/unloading device for ITO auto assembly to improves capacity and yield rate.
    • The loading/unloading section to connect front/back process to deliver ITO glass through contactless power link for anti-dust production only.
    •Provide safety device, such as safety return toorigin, auto detect error system, safety optical grating, Emergency switch, alarm light, etc.
    • Optional accessory: antistatic bar, anti-dust cover for optical industry,auto loading/unloading device.