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    Automatic Roll to Roll Two-Color Screen Printing Machine

    Product Description
    Max. width of substrate
    1250 mm
    950 mm
    650 mm
    Max. roll diameter
    800 mm
    800 mm
    800 mm
    Max. print Size(D x W)
    1220 x 1100 mm
    920 x 800 mm
    620 x 620 mm
    Max. screen frame size (D x W)
    1600 x 1600 mm
    1300 x 1300 mm
    1000 x 1100 mm
    Screen frame thickness
    30~40 mm
    30~40 mm
    25~35 mm
    Height of cleaning screen
    420 mm
    420 mm
    420 mm
    Printing table height from ground
    960 + 20 mm
    960 + 20 mm
    960 + 20 mm
    Squeegee/coater speed
    0~850 mm/sec.
    0~850 mm/sec.
    0~850 mm/sec.
    Off-contact height
    0~45 mm
    0~40 mm
    0~30 mm
    Max. capacity /Hour
    420P*2 color
    480P*2 color
    600P*2 color
    Squeegee/coater angle adjustment
    22 ± 15°
    22 ± 15°
    22 ± 15°
    Screen frame micro-adjustment
    Power source
    3∮ 220V/380V 50/60HZ
    Hot air temp.
    Room temperature~90℃.
    Air pressure supply
    Remarks: Following drying system are optional
    1.      Flat type drying oven
    2.      Vertical drying oven
    3.      UV lamp oven
    4.      UV lamp + Hot air drying oven
    Special printing size and drying temperature are negotiable.


    Suitable for screen printing on non-deforming material in roll, such as PET, PP, PVC, Sticker, Non woven cloth and paper etc.

    1.      Winding & unwinding: Pneumatic control bar for easily winding & unwinding.
    2.      Edge alignment: Roll to roll transmission, the edge of material can be aligned automatically.
    3.      Feeding length setting: Feeding length of each color can be set by the HMI touch screen, the transmission is by servo motor.
    4.      Printing function: printing stroke is performed by the servo motor, top grade linear bearing for printing head transmission with high accuracy. Functions: Squeegee stops at front/rear, inching movement, speed control and repeat printing for solid result.
    5.      Off contact function: the lifting height of the off-contact can be adjusted according to the printing speed to avoid shadow occurred by the screen sticking with substrate.
    6.      Squeegee cylinder: After pressure setting, the squeegee pressure keeps constant to have more perfect printing result.
    7.      Printing table: High precision printing table is built by the aerospace purpose aluminum alloy plates with honeycomb structure inside. The surface of the table is hard chrome coated. It’s anti-scratch. The vacuum of the table is even and the strength can be adjusted.
    8.      Screen frame rack: 4 post up/down movement is driven by the German SEW safety brake motor, the movement is smooth without ink stray.
    9.      Safety structure: When lifting screen frame for cleaning, the 4 safety cylinders at 4 corners will move up synchronously for safety supporting. The emergency stop button also installed at each corner. All the motors, electric components and pneumatic parts all conform to the CE standard.
    10. Dryer: High efficiency force air designed to have quick drying speed and the material will not deform easily. Equip filter, exhaust motor, lifting cylinder of upper cover.
    (Drying system: Flat oven, vertical oven, UV lamp oven and UV + Hot air oven are available for option. )