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    UV Dryer (for matching with Heidelberg printing machine 52X74CM)

    Product Description

    1. Machine body constructed by SS#41 high-grade steel and coated by anti-rusted painting. 
    2. Transmission system: The conveyor belt is driven by reducer motor with inverter, the speed is adjustable.
    3. With bottom suction to prevent the substrate from fluttering.
    4. Lampshade: With unique aluminum extruded radiator, German reflector to achieve the maximum UV output.
    5. The German quartz mirror under the UV lamp can reduce the UV ray temperature.(Optional)
    6. The conveyor belt is with deviation adjustment to ensure long life of the belt.
    7. Cooling system: Forcing cooling style, high efficiency cooling fan and special cooling structure to reduce the oven temperature.
    8. Control panel: Power switch, UV lamp switch, tri-power switches (50%, 75%, 100%), current meter of each lamp,
        accumulating timer of each lamp, overheating indicator, emergency switch.
    9. Safety device – overload protector, over temperature protector, exhaust overload protector, and fuse for control circuit.

    Effective curing width
    750 MM
    UV lamp
    9 KW*3, 300W/INCH
    Conveyor speed
    5~100 M/MIN.
    Power source
    3∮ 220V/380V 50/60HZ
    Power consumption
    29.5 KW
    Machine dimension
    3300x1492x1049 MM
    1400 kgs

    Auto stacker is optional